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By Freeman Stoddard, Fox Carolina

The Duncan Fire Department said two firefighters were sent to the hospital following a vehicle crash involving Duncan Rescue 13.

Officials said the firefighters were responding to a scene along I-85 when the crash occurred. Both firefighters were transported to Spartanburg Regional for evaluation.

One firefighter sustained minor injuries, but the other required surgery on his back. According to officials, this surgery went well and was completed shortly after they arrived at the hospital. 

The Duncan Fire Department said in a statement on Facebook, “We would like to say Thank You to all the many departments that assisted with this incident today and ask that you keep both Firefighters involved in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy and full recovery. Our Primary Unit will be down for quite some so we would also like to specifically thank our neighbors at Startex FD for loaning us a spare unit so that we can keep ‘Rescue 13’ in service.”

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