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A responding engine company was struck head on yesterday killing 3 young people in the car and injuring the 2 Firefighters in the apparatus. The crash occurred at 1628 hours near Loon Lake in Washington, north of Spokane.

Reports are that the passenger car crossed the center lane and collided head-on with the southbound Stevens County Fire District 1 apparatus. The rig was responding with lights and sirens to the town of Clayton for a call of someone suffering from shortness of breath.

The Firefighter driver reported that the passenger vehicle burst into flames upon impact, and the fire spread up over the cab of the firetruck, Spokane Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer stated that the vehicles came to a rest in a ditch. Unable to get out through the front doors, the 2 Firefighters climbed out through the back and called for other agencies, including a Life Flight helicopter, to assist while working to suppress the fire and attend to the passengers in the car.

Chief Schaeffer said the firefighters were taken to the hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening and have been released.
HERE is a video report:
BELOW are photos from the crash:

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