Mike Wilbur


Last night on the way home from the Urbanna Oyster Festival, Quint 3 had the passenger side front tire blow out. Losing the tire caused the truck to pull hard to the right. Quint 3 is our 1996 Pierce ladder truck and it weighs about 50,000 lbs and it was traveling at ~55mph. Luckily the operator was able to avoid hitting any other vehicles and managed to keep it from flipping on its side.
The truck ended up in the ditch, but all 4 people on board were uninjured. Mark’s Auto and Welding services used two of their wreckers to pull Quint 3 out and then tow it back to the station.
There does not appear to be any major damage to the truck, but after getting a new tire installed and a thorough wash, we will get it checked out by a mechanic before putting it back in service.

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