Mike Wilbur


Three Passaic firefighters were treated for injuries that authorities said weren’t life-threatening after an engine headed to a call collided with a minivan.

The fire truck was headed east on Paulson Avenue, its lights flashing and sirens blaring, around 1 p.m. Sunday when the 50-year-old driver told police he slowed down at the Main Avenue traffic signal.

After getting the attention of the northbound and southbound motorists, he said, he continued on.

At that point, a northbound Honda Odyssey driven by a 30-year-old Passaic man passed a stopped vehicle on the right, police said.

The Odyssey was T-boned by the fire truck in the middle of the intersection, police said.

The driver wasn’t seriously injured, they said.

The minivan had to be towed.

The driver received summonses for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle and improper passing.

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