Mike Wilbur


ESTERO, Fla.– A fire engine was involved in a crash on I-75 early on Saturday morning.

A motorcycle and a sedan crashed around 1 AM, just north of Estero Parkway. The motorcycle driver was taken to the hospital. The driver of the sedan was not injured, officials said.

A second crash happened when a car smashed into the motorcycle that was still in the roadway causing a rollover. While on the scene responding, the Estero fire truck was side-swiped by a passing semi-truck. The driver was distracted watching the rollover, according to the Estero Fire Rescue Facebook page.

The mirror and bumper on Estero Engine 43 were damaged. No one was injured.

It is a Florida law that drivers must move over one lane for law enforcement and emergency officials. More info on the Move Over Law can be found HERE.


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