Mike Wilbur


A couple of wheels fell from a Providence fire truck while on the streets on Thursday.

The incident happened near the intersection of Point and Franklin streets.

Officials told NBC 10 News the rims of the wheels weren’t cracked and that lug nuts were tight, suggesting it may have been due to the stress of potholes and speed bumps.

It didn’t hit anybody or any vehicles,” Superintendent of Providence’s Public Safety Repair Department George Lazzareschi said.

He said it was just inspected in November. The wheels, brakes, and everything, he said, thoroughly looked at.

“We make sure nothing goes out unsafe and I’m sure most of the firefighters would attest to that, that our trucks never really have any other problems,” Lazzareschi told NBC 10.

“This just goes to show what we’ve been saying all week,” President of the Providence Firefighters Union Derek Silva said Thursday.

He said the aging trucks continue to pose problems, and apparently even the ones that aren’t so old. Ladder 2, he said, is one of the newer ones.

“To have two tires just pop off while it’s going down the road is obviously of huge concern to us,” Silva said. “Those four firefighters are driving down the road going back from an emergency thinking nothing of it and to have the truck just drop and lose control of it and have two tires come off is frightening.”

NBC 10 was told the truck will be brought in and go through a full inspection.


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