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Tragic news out of Port Jervis (Orange County, NY) where a 22-year-old man who was sleeping in front of an ambulance bay when he was run over by an ambulance as it pulled out at 0549 hours, this morning. Port Jervis Ambulance crews immediately treated and rushed the man to the hospital where he died. The incident is being investigated.
The Port Jervis Volunteer Ambulance Corps provides basic life support emergency medical services to not only the City of Port Jervis but also to the entire Town of Deerpark and, when requested, to our neighbors in Sullivan County (NY), Sussex County (NJ), & Pike County (PA) and they are staffed with career and volunteer personnel 24/7/365. They respond to over 2,000 calls annually. Our condolences on the loss-and our thoughts also go out to the EMS driver and crew involved in this incident.
A SIMILAR incident occurred in 2016…
…when student Jeffny Pally, 19,  was sitting on the ground with her back against a fire station garage bay door at the UConn FD. The fire department received a call for service around 0115 hours on October 16, 2016. Six fraternity brothers linked to her death were arrested and charged with various counts, including permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol and sale or delivery to minors.

When the bay door Pally was leaning against opened, she fell back onto the ground and a fire department SUV leaving the bay drove over Pally. Crews from the fire department found Pally around an hour and a half later, when they returned from that call.

HERE is video of the UConn incident: 

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