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A fire tanker was responding to a structure fire on Dickie Hill Road when it came around the corner and ended up on its side, just down the road from where the fire was.

West Frankfort Fire Chief Roy Stone said his department has a policy of staying to the far right when they are back roads to avoid oncoming traffic.

“Well, he was right on the edge of the tar, when he comes around the corner the sun was shining right in his eyes,” Chief Stone said. “And he got off on the edge of the tar, with his tire, and that dragged him right out into the ditch and he got back into the road and overcorrected and flipped right over.”

The driver was a little banged up but otherwise OK after the accident. He was the only one in the tanker at the time and no other vehicles were involved.

The tanker in this accident was totaled and the fire department had to deploy another crew to the structure fire.

Brian Kaz

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