Mike Wilbur


WESTBOROUGH, MA — The Westborough Fire Department is warning drivers to be patient on the roads after a car was caught on video swerving around a fire truck, causing a crash. The department posted the video on its Facebook page to warn drivers.

The department said the truck was returning from a call and was ready to turn into the fire station when a woman on bicycle passed. The truck waited, with its blinker on, for the cyclist to pass.

The car behind the fire truck swerved into the opposite lane to pass the fire truck, just as the truck began moving. The fire truck and car crashed, causing “significant damage to the car and fire truck.”

The comments section of the post quickly filled with people telling similar tales of cars disrespecting the rules of the road and pedestrians. One user said she used to work at Tufts Medical Center and shared her encounter with a careless driver.

“We had to cross Union Ave to park. The car in the left stopped for me I crossed and a car came out of nowhere on the right as I was in the middle of the road!! Never stopped!”


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