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A driver had to be pulled from his vehicle early Wednesday after he crashed it into a fire truck, according to an official with the Houston Fire Department.

The crash happened about 3 a.m. in northeast Houston, near  Little York and Maple Leaf.

Car strikes HFD truck backing into station

Media: Metro Video

A pumper truck was backing into a fire station, lights flashing, when the driver tried to go around it at a high rate of speed, said HFD District Chief Eric Hutzley.

The traffic signal outside the station was flashing a red light, but firefighters who witnessed the crash said the driver “didn’t even hit the brakes,” Hutzley said.

The black Chevrolet Impala drove up under the truck, he said. The vehicle was crushed and the driver’s leg was trapped under the dash, so firefighters had to use tools to open the door and pull him from the car.

One firefighter was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, Hutzley said. The driver was also transported to a hospital in stable condition.

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