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A Chicago Fire Department engine has become stuck after part of a parking garage collapsed underneath it in the South Shore neighborhood Tuesday morning.

The parking structure is in the 2400-block of East South Shore Drive. The fire engine is on top of the two-story garage and part of the garage collapsed underneath the engine onto the bottom level. The front bumper of the fire engine is resting on a section of the garage that has not collapsed.

RAW VIDEO: Parking structure collapses underneath Chicago fire truck

A parking structure collapsed underneath a Chicago fire truck Tuesday morning while responding to a medical run at a nursing home on 2425 E. South Shore Drive.

Fire officials said the situation is stable and they are emptying the truck of 500 gallons of water to lighten the load and then heavy equipment will be brought in to try and move the fire engine.

The fire department was reportedly responding to a call at the nursing home next to this garage when a section of the structure gave way.

There is no word of any injuries.

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