Mike Wilbur


A fire truck crashed into a center divider, injuring the crew’s captain, as firefighters responded to an emergency call on the rainy Interstate 805Saturday morning.

After multiple crashes were reported on the freeway, two engines from Chula Vista Fire Department were making their way to the scene to provide a traffic block,” CVFD Battalion Chief Sean Lowery explained. “While trying to provide that traffic block they hydroplaned multiple times and ended up (crashing) into the center divide at 805 southbound and Sweetwater Road.”

A Chula Vista Fire Captain in that rig sustained injuries but is expected to be okay. Lowery said the crashes are good reminders to everyone, with more rain expected this week, to take it slow and easy when you get behind the wheel.

“The rest of the firefighters did not sustain any physical injuries but as you can imagine the entire crew is certainly shook up,” Lowery said.

The damaged engine was towed to a City shop for repairs.

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