Mike Wilbur

MATADOR, Texas — On Monday, Motley County Fire Department responded to several lightning fires around 11 p.m., according to the Matador Fire Department Facebook page.

According to MCFD, Logan Jones, 18, was flown to University Medical Center after he was seriously injured when one of the firetrucks rolled over several times.

With several broken bones, Jones is expected to be in the hospital for a few more days, according to the fire department. But, they say the recent high school graduate is already asking to get back to work.

Rafael Aldrich, a member of the Matador Volunteer Fire Department, said Jones is fighting to get better as fast as he can.

“Jones is the fire chief’s son, and his dream is to follow in his dad’s footsteps,” Aldrich said. “The whole community is rooting for him to get better quickly.”

According to MCFD, several other departments and EMS units responded to the scene to help make sure Jones made it to the hospital safely.

Brandon Moore, the driver of the truck and fellow firefighter, was not seriously injured in the crash.

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